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I am sitting looking to grow 1. Pyote gorilla
2 fast skunk#1 3 white window ( caseys).
3. Bubba kush..
Hi am back groeing after 5x years off.
Out of the above strains it no 1. This pyote and gorilla.
I have seen some lovly plants in my time off I note these more modern strains have became more indoor friendly giving large buds of great size. Only a few months ago I was smoking mango kush, in a locals cafe, where I got talking to the local spanish growers who were feeling more winds reducing thier out door growing window. They were smoking morrocan black , was the first time I could smell the black smell through my mango weedo!- got talking over a green house seeds utbube doc showing the morrocan dry rubbing etc . Had a interesting conversaion about growing in the canary Islands outside, there are some small wind Mills and a good number of solar panels, so power is cheap. But high wind's on the island were costing as he had shut the small windmills down.
But as volcanic Island very few insects and ideal 8x month out door period, I think I still take the old indoor over thier out door setups.
My stardawg was even impressive to the cafe owner who had a visible indoor hydro set up.
OK I had to break a few branches and kill infestations of spider mite but that paid me off multiple times over , hope all are still growing way works for you am happy see them nugs and a I we live n learn.
Well am back see what I decide to pop def pop 2x new onesdefo an white window always good guava 2x skunk#1. And well a doing 6x that perfect room for my tent hps.
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