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After a two month delay, I am back online and ready to get the next batch of seeds to the fine folks at the farm.

I expanded our gardens to allow for more breeding projects, while maintaining a stealth atmosphere. We have been waiting for months for the fiber optic network installers to bury our lines and get our internet up and running. But believe me, we've been busy, working hard in the lab to get the crosses you wanted done. Like I've said in the past, we take our time and do it right...even it it takes too damn long.

June Releases:

Snowdog BX (Snowdog x Spacedawg)

Cheddarwurst (Exodus Cheese x Spacedawg)

Treufelhund (Chemdog "D" x Spacedawg)

Snoopdawg (G-13 x Spacedawg)

Wookie (Bubba Kush x Spacedawg)

Monterrey (707 Headband x Spacedawg)

July Releases:

California Love (Mendo Purps x Spacequeen)

Aphrodite (Purple Kush x Spacequeen)

The Dutchess (Chemdog "Sister" x Spacequeen)

August Releases:

The Godmother (Chemdog "Sister" x Snowdog BX)

Snowdog F2 (Snowdog x Snowdog BX)

Die Hündin (Chemdog "D" x Snowdog Bx)

Käse Hund (Exodus Cheese x Snowdog BX)

There are also more special releases to come, including a special series of crosses from the winner of over 15 Medical Cannabis awards, cups, and trophy's, Clozetgrl. She has teamed up with us to add a little "feminine touch" to our breeding team, and will blow you away with her collection of vintage crosses and old school genetics.

So, once again. I appologize for my month long absence, but hope to get to each of your emails and responses by the end of the week. Thanks again for showing us your support, and we will be seeing you all online.

Alphakronik :smiley_joint:


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Awesome, I am always interested in a chem hybrid:) that's what a lot of my bean stock consists of :passingjoint:



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Welcome back KushBrothers.......i feel your pain.....4months for a internet connection in spain...

The new lineup looks dank!...i cant wait to pop some Snowdog BX :harvest:


Can't decide which of those would be the best..SnoopDawg, Wookie...they all sound fine.


Back with a vengeance I see. Great line up Alpha I've been wanting that Snowdog Bx for a while. Welcome back man.


Very nice lineup ! . I like the sound of that Cheddarwurst , though they all sound interesting .


Welcome back KB!:smiley_joint:

Nice crosses, sounds interesting!



pastor toastman

hell yeah! glad your back. a lot of those crosses sound amazing. can't wait for July! gonna have to save up for a couple packs of each. bring on the funk brother.

guerilla family

Thank you kb!

Great u see yall back KushBros! Sounds like yall got some fire strains on deck! We really appreciate everything yall do for us here at the farm!

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