Bad Genetics Threaten Future of Growing?

Perhaps it's because growing is legal and there is much more public exposure, but there seems to be a quiet potential problem creeping into the grow rooms across the world. Prior to the last 10 years, hermaphrodite plants were mostly unheard of, or at least I never heard of problems from fellow growers. Nowadays, I constantly see posts about hermaphrodite plants and nanners, balls, and other issues that weren't common before. With the current craze of crossing everything under the sun, some of these undesirable traits are being bred into the strains, almost like a communicable disease. More and more of these unwanted traits are creeping into the gene pool. Natural selection and geography used to keep these issues in check, but now they are being passed on indiscriminately and I fear they will become established as a regular, unwanted trait.
Any thoughts on this?
It could also be more new growers, unfamiliar with things, less experienced/inclined toward the topic.

I just setup my 2x4' (4' tall) tent for a test grow. I haven't zipped myself into for a long time. I almost didn't do it this time, but thought: "I better make sure there's no significant light leaks." When I was zipped into it, I immediately noticed the power strip's LED-illuminate on-off switch.

I would have *never* thought of that. I even noticed it as I was setting it up because, when I set the timer, I looked at that on/off switch to verify the timer was working (as I spun the dial). That was just 15 minutes prior to debating whether I should zip myself inside -- and I wasn't even thinking abut that power strip being a problem.

I bet there's a lot of that stuff going on, people don't think about it. I think I know what I'm doing, and I almost didn't think about it.