Bad Nute Burn. Will They Make It?

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Hey guys

First I'll get the specifics out of the way....

  1. 1. Are you growing from seed or clones? Clones

    2. How old are your plants?
    Flipped to flower on 8/14. Vegged for 6 weeks.

    3. How tall are your plants? SCROG 6" from top of pot. Tops 8" above SCROG.

    4. What size containers are they planted in?
    5 gallon

    5. What is your soil mix?
    FoxFarms coco loco 70/30 perlite mix.

    6. How often do you water and what type of water do you use? Previously watering 1 quart per pot daily/ currently watering 1 gallon when dry (about every 4 days).
    Tap water at my house comes out at 24ppm and a 7.5 ph. Bubbled in 5 gal buckets to remove Chlorine.

    7. What is the pH of your water? Always ph'ed to 5.8-6.5.

    8. What kind of fertilizer do you use and what is its NPK ratio? FoxFarms trio.

    9. Do you foliar feed or spray your plants with anything? Azamax for bugs twice.

    10. What kind of lights do you use and how many watts combined? (HPS, MH, fluorescent, halogen, incandescent "plant lights") One 400w MH/HPS with air cooled hood.

    11. How close are your lights to the plants? 18"

    12. What size is your grow space in square feet? 3x3x6 tent

    13. What is the temperature and humidity in your grow space? 73°F-85°F / 35%- 50%.

    14. What is the pH of the soil? 6.5

    15. Have you noticed any insect activity in your grow space? Some. Treated with Azamax. They were microscopic bug larva.

    16. How much experience do you have growing? This is my first grow. I have done a lot of research before buying equipment and starting. Before this I had no interest in gardening. Now I'm starting a vegetable garden next year in self watering containers.

    I was watering like it was raw coco coir. About a quart a day in each pot. But I only "fed" twice a week. Then I started adding stuff like cal-mag, epsom salt, pro-silicate to my non feed waterings. Before long I was feeding at 1100ppm and the runoff was around 2000ppm. As soon as I saw the growth turn to shit (beginning of August), I flushed with SLF-100 for two days and let them dry out for a week. Then resumed watering when my moisture meter reads dry in multiple locations, about every 4 days. Started feeding again at 1/4 strength (was feeding at 1/2 strength). On a water/water/feed schedule. Recovery has been slow, but progressing....maybe. So, do you think I can get them to harvest or should I pull them and start over? Thanks for your help.
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I would have vegged longer for sure to fill that up more. You need to run a flush and on the last gallon run 5ml calcium, and 5ml bloom booster and some humic. Always feed no less than a gallon and pour no less than a gallon


Thanks Lee. I did flush and I'm feeding a gallon per pot now. They did fill most of the SCROG before I cut out all the really bad burnt branches. Now it's slowly continuing to burn. So the question becomes, will they make it to some sort of harvest, or is it not worth it? Next run will be 4 plants vegged for 4 weeks. That should fill out a 3x3 space nicely. Maybe a little too much.
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