Basic Questions - Seed Descriptions

What is meant by ...

Sativa >50% Cannabis Seeds
Indica >50% Cannabis Seeds

It already states the Sativa / Indica percentages elsewhere in the seed descriptions.
i.e. 75% Sativa 25% Indica but later states Sativa >50% Cannabis Seeds

Another seed description question
I ordered an indoor seed mix where the description included the phrase
"The indoor labeled mix consists of 10 female seeds"
I assumed "Labeled" meant each seed type would be identified but it came all jumbled in 1 envelope so I dont know which seed is which
hmmm... pretty sure they are just confirming a second time that its a 50/50 hybrid.
as for them labeling individual seeds, there are seedbanks that do that, but most dont. especially with their mixed packs. often times a seedbanks mixed pack is simply seeds dropped during sorting. this way they dont have to worry about getting them mixed up, and they can still sell them.