Hey, @Capulator

I was curious about the best practice for using the biowar in a coir DTW system. I know that with the tea you brew it and then dilute it 1:10 into the Rez for maintenance or just pour the tea straight on the crown for corrective action.

I've moved away from brewing teas as I find there are too many uncrontrollable/unknown variables for my taste (not to say they aren't effective, they just haven't been vibing with my ocd).

So my question is, if I add the bennies to the dechlorinated water then pour that off (avoiding the talc, of course) into my Rez should i do it so the final solution has the equivalent of 1tbsp/gal of the root and foliar for maximum efficacy?

Also, my room used about 12gal, spread over 4 irrigation cycles, with 20% runoff at each cycle. Would it be best to add the bennies for the final cycle of the day so they can sit in the pots overnight and bond to the roots or is it necessary to have them present in all irrigation cycles for a 24 hr. period?

Also, I've found that adding the total amount of root and foliar packs to a small volume of water (say 1qt) in the amounts necessary for a larger volume (say 4gal) makes it easier for the talc to settle. Do you see any issues making a temporary concentrate like this? They aren't in the qt container for longer than about 45 min.