Best and Cheapest CO2 Controller?

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Im finally getting my grow room sealed well enough that I can add co2 to my flower room. I havegot a regulator on the way. I would like to know from people what is the best controller on the cheap range?

I am looking at this one:

Its got the fuzzy logic and I will be using a bottle. Its the cheapest fuzzy logic controller I have found. Anyone have experience with this one?



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Looks good, but I dont have any personal experience with this model or brand... I actually use the Green Air CDM 6000 with the CDDS-2 which is a bit more expensive but works like a charm...

if you have digital ballasts dont place the controller in the same room. you should check out the PPM3 - CO2 PPM Monitor/Control by CAP its $399 i have a few of these and they last forever super simple to setup and use.


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I am most impressed with the Fuzzy Logic PPM-2a>>>I have had the green air CDDS-2 along with the CDM-7000 patch cord in the past and is a awesome unit.. I think fuzzy is on point more.. A lot more accurate and less wasteful.. And for 500.00 bucks ya cant go wrong.. Just set it and forget it:)


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Check out Telaire they make them for the others.
TO Med what is your reasoning behind that statement? JK

sorry i havent slept in 30 hours im a little out of it.everyone i know who runs digi ballasts with sentinal controllers has had major Interference they moved the controller into a seperate room as the ballasts the problem was fixed.
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