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When i think about all the strains out there i have to stop in amazement probably 1000 or so.But is or has there ever been a more heralded strain then the og kush?I know the nevs is highly respected and regarded as 1 of the best,but i dont know alot of other people that grow it.And you dont have to look far to find 100's even 1000's of people growing the og.So i have to ask what is the most accomplished strain ever made?Is there a better overall plant out there then the og? Please speak your mind and say what you think is the best if it's not the og. peace

Trim Reaper

That's like asking what is the best beer or best wine. What style? What flavor profile? What kind of effect are you looking for? Great question. I love OG, but I love several others depending on my immediate medical needs.
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