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Ive been running with the iL8x from Iluminar, but their il9x looks like its a beast light. Amazing for veg and flower and a friend of mine that runs it says it produces big dense buds. 1000W perfect for a 5x5!. On the expensive side but worth every penny in my opinion


If you want the best.....Rayonled 720 UV
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If you supply me one ill do a Grow Log and Videos :)

I have been doing a TON of research on this subject.... If money isnt an object HLG or California Lightworks seem to be great options. The Kind K5 XL750 seems legit too. Gravita 1700e is up there also.

If you are more on a budget like me and need multiple lights; I am going with the SpiderFarmer SF4000 or Grower's Choice ROI-E420

My current light is a HID made by LUXX, a 315W CMH, I will continue to evaluate it over the next several grows. But so far no complaints.
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