Best Light for a 4x2 Tent on a Tight Budget!

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The 4ft x 2ft grow area will deliver a good yield for personal use in a compact grow space. To maximize the potential yield from the space you need about 200 to 300 watts of high-efficiency LED lighting. Ideally, the light fixture will be suitably sized to cover the area evenly i.e. the fixture is rectangular and close to the physical size of the grow tent.

Best light for a 4x2 tent on a tight budget

ViparSpectra P2000 has a mixture of mid-temperature white LEDs with 660nm reds to improve their electrical and photosynthetic efficiency. Therefore P2000 is full-spectrum and suitable for growing from seed to harvest.

The PAR chart is shown below for ViparSpectra P2000 LED grow light so you can judge the best solution for your growing space.

Best light for a 4x2 tent on a tight budget 2

By using the results from Shane’s PAR output and efficiency tests to calculate the total cost of P2000 to deliver an average PAR of 750µmols/m²/second over a 1m² grow area over a 3-year period. The 3-year costing that includes the cost of the fixture and adding the electricity costs at 17c/KW hour over 14 hours per day average is US$1300/m², equal to $1.19/m² per day.If you are on a tight budget, P2000 can be the best of your choice.

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