Best & Most Reliable Dosing Pumps in 2020???

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looking for a pump to add to my 100 gal rez that goes to my auto drip system i have my water set up to a timer valve that fills the tank every five days and i was looking for a system that will add my nutes to my res and auto ph for me

im currently looking between agrotek and bluelab

any suggestions recommendations will be awesome i also had a few ?'s about the system

1st question do you just leave the ph sensors in the water and it auto calibrates on its own or do you have to kinda calibrate it prior and then tweak it in the interface so that your ph is where you need it im not sure if the sensor just sits in the res for ever or if its just to calibrate prior then kinda to go off that as a example?

2nd does the system work off timers or does it just add nutes when the levels are low by the sensors in the system?

3rd question is there a valve i can buy that will auto fill my tank that is not like a timer valve or a float switch that runs off electricity i was wondering is there anything i can buy that will turn my water valve on whenever my tank hits the bottom and doesnt require elctricity or rely on timers because i feel like my idea to use a water valve on a timer is kinda shitty

essentially id like to have my system auto fill on its own and id like my auto doser to add needed nutes when water is added if this worked with out timers that be pretty cool if it had to be on timers than ok but yah im alittle comnfused about that part.

also the website im looking at states i can purchase the agrotek and put two pumps on it so id essentially be able to run my veg room and my flower room from seperate resevoirs does blue lab even offer that because essentially id like to do that aswell since i have two rooms one veg one bloom and id love to run the device on one set up if bluelab doesnt do that then im sold on agrotek unless you guys say they are shit

i cant find any reviews about agrowtek which seems kinda shady anyways thakns again

oh yah the cheaper the better but good not cheap and cheap cheap and quality if thats possible lol if not i can pull out some money i promise :)
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I was recently looking at this myself and when it comes to cheap pH dosing, I wasn't particularly impressed.
1. Most of these systems would recommend calibrating your sensors when you start using them, then on a schedule, different companies make different recommendations, and different sensors have different intervals.

2. The Agrowtek looks to be a persistent non-timer system, so always checking, always modifying.

3. Yeah, a timer switching water flow on is a little sketch, but not the worst thing I've seen. There are good ways to keep a reservoir full with float valves that don't involve any electricity, that seems pretty funky to me. I have been using these valves for a few years: They aren't the cheapest, but they haven't done me wrong. This one in particular is a bulkhead mounted style, and has more ways for the float linkage to hookup. Because the float can be moved around, it is possible to mount this at the bottom of a tank, though I would not.

Have you considered using a water powered doser? You could use Dosatrons with light-tight buckets of dilute nutrients, and dose the water as it enters the reservoir. It may not be ideal to have a resevoir sitting full of mixed nutrients but ymmv. We actually use a dosatron with pH Down, and just calibrate and set the dose every week. It remains remarkably consistent but that is a matter of municipality.
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