Best option for cloning plant with aphids

Recently I left town and left my grown in the hands of a so called grower/new partner. I revived pictures daily halfway threw my trip I quit getting pictures. A few days go bye and I receive a picture. Looks like my plants are starting to become deficient . Fly home to discover root aphids. It’s all mothers, exotics and 150 seedlings I won’t be able to replace. Suggest on cloning them in to a sterol environment. I’m ready to scrap it all but open to suggestions.
Oof. That's the suck. Sorry to hear man. I guess you could take clones, keep them in a separate tent or room and treat them with something like insecticidal soap or some other mild spray to keep them from spreading.

Hope you get it figured out, at worse you could do genetic cloning. If you can figure it out 🙁
No offense, but why is this in The Breeder's Lab? If it is root aphids, you should at least be able to take cuttings and save the plants that are mature enough. The seedlings are probably goners. IMO it is better to scrap everything that you can't get cuttings from and start over or you will be risking those RA infecting the rest of your plants sooner than later. Good luck with recovering your plants. Oh and "partners" suck dick. Better to grow solo so you don't have to put your trust in someone who obviously can't grow plants. Positive vibes...