Best Strain for oil/cannabis extracts?

Hello everyone. I plan to hopefully sometime in the (how soon?) future make cannabis extract, likely oil using the Rick Simpson method or similar for medicinal purposes.

Obviously, with making extracts, the idea is to have the most potent strain, along with yield. So, basically pure THC/cannabinoid content is what will be extracted.

So, I would like to throw this question out there: What is the best strain to make oil from? Obviously, high yield and high potency are what we are looking for.

I've done a bit of research, the high yielders like say Critical Mass, maybe mot be potent for what we are looking for. I didn't a bit of research, and some people said White Russian strain was the most potent strain, at near 22% THC. I do not have information about the yield of this.

So, what strain will give a quality of highest strength + good harvest?
White Russian?
White Widow <-- This is what Rick Simpson recommends, but I do not consider him an expert on strains
some other?

yeild is also important, say strain A gives 4 oz of 20% thc, vs strain B gives 2 oz of 22% thc, the strain A will be better for maximum extraction/help oil.

Thanks for anyones input!
(obviously, things such as taste, flavor, smoothness, visual appeal don't mean much for oil makers)


well squarepusher, this isn't written in stone or anything, but the spirits tell me that the best 'budder' was made out of the old lemon drop kush clone, if you can find her? ... and also the budder made from swerve's 'pre-98 bubba kush' stock was far superior to most everything else tried so far... the finished bud off of the pre98 bubba puts off alot more keif/sift than most of the others out there, which is a good thing heheh...
get the pre98 bubba kush if you're able, or get the S1 seeds cali connection put out... they won't dissapoint you, take my word for it.
the lemony strains are also very sensitive to heat when purging so i believe they are easier to auto budder, some people like that but i dont
I'm also very interested in any research concerning cannabis extracts and what strain to use specifically for this purpose. From what i understood, any strain in the white family was recommended.
It'll be about a month before i have enough material to do a side by side run with 99%iso and butane. My only question is, Will the BHO have the same effect as Rick's hemp oil when ingested? Or do i have to take a step further to make it orally bioavailable? Thanx -Keepz
Just the color? Otherwise they work the same when taken orally to possibly cure cancer? I'm not planning on vaporizing the BHO though thats my dilemma. I want to eat it -Keepz
No, the BHO is THC heavy unless you've decarbed and opened the plant up and let the alkaloids free up. The RS method chemically melts off the sealing waxes and pulls more alkaloids out but with that comes the water solubles also.
Whenever I make BHO I use at least a pound of material or more. Out of all the times I have made it. Blackberry Kush oil has been the strongest.

My Jelly Made A Man Pass Out.
Is That A bad Thing? ;)
from my experience sativas tend to produce a greater % yield in oil extraction and have a tendency to buhdder up.

afghan genetic strains are also incredibly resinous and can produce great oil even if the flower smoke was mediocre

for maximum edible potency, BHO needs to be decarboxylated as well
what you put in is what you get out. no one strain is better. the more thc you put in the tube the more thc comes out.
i make bho with every strain i grow and hash , so far with bho white widow has had the best yield dont know which is strongest theyve all been banging.