best way for me to add co2? generator or tanks?

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Im wondering what the best way to go about adding co2 would be in my setup in the labyrinth of tents. I was wondering if i can just get the co2 generator either plumb it inline or if i could just leave it in the building and the air circulation between all the tents will work. The whole hbuilding is my 'lung' room for the tents. So im wondering whats best way to do CO2 I can pick up a 10 burner from a local for $150 or i can get 3 20lb tanks with just basic regulator no controller. for $175 from same person.

One of the reasons im favoring the generator and im not sure if its going to work. Is the fact that its a heater of sorts. in that it can help me offset some heating and generate co2 through the cold months of growing. But obviously will suck for using during the summer months when im already struggling to keep temps down in that small window.


I reccomend tanks over burners cause the last ones put out also carbon heat...and i dont like flames in my growspace!!! ha!
I woul go cleaner with co2 tanks (if you can score em easily) and provide heat ina another way....🏴‍☠️
Also put the tank in the lung room will work fine.
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