Best way to flip to flower?

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I think what I'm going to do is do exactly like you do. I just went and refamiliarized myself with the process and it says on GWE that alls I have to do is switch to a 12/12 cycle. I've never done this before, so please consider my apprehensiveness lol, I'm almost there though!! Started in the middle of May

@Aqua Man is from the great white north here too, so if he does something similar, I'm going to assume he does his from 8-9am to 8-9pm. Is that a similar schedule to what you do as well, @PerfecTrader ?
12-24 hours of blackness often gives a bigger (usually grower perceived) response when the plant is flipped. Longer is too long, because the plants yellow a bit. My current grow the plants were really small before finally growing in the last week of veg(my wife came home w/a set of Organics Terp Teas) prior to flip. Many advocate continuing to supply added nitrogen at least 2 watering cycles to keep them nice and green. I tried that on this grow and got a very green plant. I like where you are -- keep asking Questions and stay curious.


Hey my apologies, I totally missed this message! There are four plants growing in there, 4 KUSH plants lol

Took your advice and I pulled some leaves, or 'lollipopped' as it's called, I believe.

WOW. Those things are STICKY, my hands ALMOST felt like they do whenever I go to clean the resin out of my vape mouthpiece. Is that an indicator that I'm going to have some highly resinous buds that are sticky sticky? :D
no sweat Phx and oOoo Kush, I like it. Normally you would think such Indica would for sure stick you "in-da-couch" but I wonder if it would be worth your while to explore a staggered harvest. Maybe when get to that stage, pull 2 plants when trichomes turn 100% cloudy and the other 2 when perhaps 50/50 cloudy/amber. Would be really interesting to see/know how those would differ. I have 4 different strains in my 4x4 and I just try to avoid thinking about what I am going to do come harvest time 😆 I just highly doubt any let alone all will mature at same rate so just not sure how I am going to deal with it.
As for the leaves frosting. The trichomes are developing and sugar leaves are going to just increase from here on out. I think you are headed towards smokin some of the best herb of your life. Unless you were getting your flower from local home growers, you likely have been using disp's for a while like me. I think the difference you will find is that what you grow will taste, smoke, smell, last, etc etc better than what you are used to because all that shit is commercially grown, they speed through the dry, and that leaves stuff like chlorophyll stuck in the flower and makes it taste like hay. I can't tell you how many different dispensaries I have been to, and chosen solid herb that looks great, smells great, supposedly tests great, and then you smoke it and yup, hint of law clipping taste in the background. It actually makes me nauseated sometimes hah. So keep up what you doing cause shit is about to get real
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