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devious d

devious d

hi all was starting a space queen grow, due to a few problems just had to get going my pal gave me some clones k2 and big momma a stabalised cross of big bud and white russian. running a flood and drain with clay balls and all house and garden nutes, tho after 3 weeks just added multi enzynes there looking ok will get some pics 2nite. the space queen i grew to flower from seed were ok the cuttings from the mother that were ment to go in the flood and drain, alot of single leafs and growing tips yellowing and curling back on there selfs? could it be not enough fresh air in my veg room? will add pics laTER OR IN MORN DUE TO LIGHT CYCLE,,.and of the good ,bad,andbetter. been growing for 5 yrs:smiley_joint:all hydro the odd soil grow and outdoor with no probs apart from the mite willpost pics and take it from there D.:smiley_joint:


some strains like the cheese does have single whirly leaf, when is cloned, is no problem tho! and it soon grow out of doing it and grow normal leaf again soon,
the yellowing may be is too much strong feed for the baby plant! or maybe not enough feed!
grow one clone who is curley whirley leaf and see for your self
devious d

devious d

yes ive seen that with cheese i think the nutes are ok, in the flowering room there ok, but in my veg room which is a cupboard grow it keeps happening, ithink a coat of white paint clean plastic for vthe floor and some bleach, driill hole in roof and bring in fresh air,blow out with osscillating fan, cupboards been going 2 yrs with no probs an air borne virus in stale air?


i love K2
whos version is it?
homegrown fantaseeds?

somegems in there i tell ya.
their K2 is a favorite round this 'acre' of the farm.

lookin forward for pics.......

devious d

devious d

have had it on flood and drain.the producer one built in timer and floats in the centre chamber, well week ago mrs screaming theres water coming through the ceiling all 20 pots overflowing shit fuck,lucky id plastic all the floor so only run one spot ran off and caught alot,:banana: whats doing my nut in is watering by hand when needs flooding rang the shop said yea take it out put new brain in for you spent the night plugging hoses rang the shop next day they said the bloke who said he would do it had gone on holiday???? f...king fuming screwing it .feel like naming and shaming but better than that.:mad0233:
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