Big PH rise in Bubbler clone bucket

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Hi All,

Hoping a fellow farmer can help me out. I built a simple bubbler clone bucket but have noticed rising PH with Ro water - I also tried a mix with tap and still got a similar rise. It goes from 6.0 to 7.0 in a matter of hours.:worried

Is this normal? Do I need to keep adjusting the PH or can I let it run?

Simple set up

20ltr bucket
7 net pots in lid with neoprene sleeves.
1 submersible air pump.
1 external air pump feeding porporus pipe.

any help, comments would be appreciated - am due to drop my clones in it tonight!

thanks all,



Living dead girl
Normal when CO2 is driven out and water column is saturated well with O2, so that alone can cause a good bit of shift. The more alkaline the water, the greater the tendency to land at a certain pH range, so I would stick with RO water and then adjust it down, allowing for a bit of bounce. Bubble the water first, as it appears you're doing (very good idea! too many people just jump in), then adjust.
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