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I promised myself to procure a pack of these as soon as they became available...

Now, I hesitate. I read a smoke report that mentioned tripping like mushrooms effect of the smoke... Not what I am looking for right now...

I believe Big Sur Holy Weed is Zacatecas Purple (a rare Mexican Sativa) x Mazar-I-Sharif.

Anyone grow it or smoke it here?


Grown it outdoors, smoked it many times...even as my daily smoke for a bit. Im rarely able to equate the mushroom comparison, it has strong up stone for sure reminds me a ton of a durban style or chocolate trip style sativa high. Can get ya wiggy wiggy twitchy giggity giggity goo, rocket shit may day weeeeeeeeeeeer shweeeeeer wickia wickwoeiurwlkjen.....hehe something like that if ya go crazy with it. But honestly if you have a high tolerance already this is a great mood elevator and coffee partner in the mornin' or at least for me and buns it has been....



LMAO, great description otto...never had the pleasure but you make me wanna smoke some. :)


Thank you Otto! That was an awesome description... wiggy weed love it...

Might have to get some now...


Oh wow! I never thought i would hear of this weed again, back around 2000 a friend of mine in california grew this weed for years, crazy trippy mild blowing high hard to describe, i never have smoke weed that had the affects of it, sadly he died to cancer in 2002... Is this strain available anywhere else? or will it be on THCBay?


Again Snowcap, great pics!

Clearly Mexican leaning pheno, eh? I imagine a large sprawling bush populated with wispy sweet smellin' flowers, long white pistils just starting to curl with rusty tips as the calyxes tinge purple!!!

This strain was used as a mother plant for THSeeds S.A.G.E. and was crossed back to an indica father... Wildy varied reports on the SAGE- all pheno selection I guess...



Your welcome, its hard to find good examples of Big Sur Holy Weed, I'll be growing it this year and post pics as they mature. Very colorful strain, should be a good show. Its some killer psychedelic weed, very mind altering. All weed should be this good.

Yes, Ulysses its a mexican pheno it has that unforgetable spicyness you get from a good mexican.

I spoke to Adam awhile back, i think you remember? Old Reef forums, Snowcapxmoongoo. Anyway Adam said he crossed the BSHW with an old MIS male he uses for alot of his crosses. Old school Mazar I Shariff.



Well, pimpin', I have to believe the original breeders- monks in Mexico? The genetics got passed to a fellow named Danbo who worked them for awhile... Reef claims he got the seeds (or parental cuts) from Danbo (a regional legend of sorts)...

So we now have two independent breeders confirming the genetics -Adam at THSeeds- thank you Snowcap- I remember ;)! and Reef's team...

I mean really, when someone passes you a bag of seeds (or weed) and says it's Oaxacan or Acapulcan or Guerreran- you take a look at them, make your own decision whether or not he is full of shite, grow out the seeds and compare to what you know and your experience, then make a call as to what strain you got (or weed you smoked)...

By now, 2009, the various Mex strains may have some genetic mingling involved... I mean could you tell the difference between Acapulco Gold and Guerreran Green??? Between the different phenos, length of flowertime, nutes, harvest windows, different cure methods??? It's a bitch! Takes great memory and even better notes and pics...

Zacatecas Purple is most likely extinct- sprayed by paraquat, left out of the genetic pool, not collected because it's not very marketable like Acapulco Gold or Kush (for christ's sake)... Sure, you could get on a plane and go on a seed safari to Central Mexico, suck up the costs, resist the diseases, experience the full flavor and smell of poverty off the beaten path and collect some 'authentic?' Zacatecas beans and start your selections with around 80 to 100 plants that flower in 14-20 weeks on the 20th N...

Or, you can buy a couple packs from Reef. Not likely to be available elsewhere either... If you want something very rare and different- non Dutch- trippy wiggy weed with a sativa high look to the BigSurHolyWeed...

Reeferman and his team have always been known for excellent sativa genetics. One of his strengths as a breeder is his ability to find these rarified genetics and bring the seeds to us... BigSurHolyWeed is a prime example of this activity...


strain hoarder
i was just wondering im from zacatecas im going back this year i know quite a few people who do there thing im going 2 be doing some strain hunting myself hopefully find some bomb sativa some purple thats what that state is known 4 hopefully find some


Just so its clear my purchase of these seeds was very public Danbo was in legal trouble and sold the big sur on the old c-bay auction I paid $700 for 12 seeds only half germinated and they looked really bad , I also paid Huge $ for some old durbans that did not germ at all .


The published story about BSHW is that it was bred by a Buddhist Monk called Perry near Big Sur in 1965 by crossing Zacatecas Purple to an indica.

The Zacatecas is long gone it's said. There was some info I found ages ago that said that it had been eradicated and the indians in the remote valley it came from had been growing seeds picked from weed they had obtained to try to restart their crops but with less success than before as the genetics weren't acclimated to the micro climate.

I don't know of any of this is true, it was info I found on the net.
The Joker

The Joker

Buddhist monks take many vows...but among the first 5 are: ( depending on the country..)

I voluntarily abstain from taking intoxicating substances


I voluntarily abstain from drinking alcohol

Just sayin...sounds like it must be a Christian monk...

or maybe an ex-monk.

Pug Fugly

I'm pretty sure there are buddhist monasteries that use cannabis as a tool for meditation, almost certain of it.


Some snippets of info I found:

Zacatecas Purple is a variety of marijuana that grows in a particular high mountain valley in the state of Zacatecas. When cured, the seeds from the colas have a distinctive purple hue, and the weed is extremely potent, especially if it is allowed to cure properly. In the late sixties a beatnik dealer planted a crop using some Zacatecas Purple seed in the mountains of Big Sur. The resultant weed came to be known as the Big Sur Holy Weed, and holy it was, too.
Quoted from Jerry Kamstra in the book WEED, 1974.

The center of the marijuana-growing industry in the United States is in northern California, especially Humboldt County, where growers use the latest scientific methods to produce first-quality crops. California marijuana is not only as good as most foreign varieties but far more likely to reach American consumers in a relatively fresh state, at or near peak potency. Among the best California varieties is one known as Big Sur Holy Weed, which was originally grown from seeds of Zacatecas Purple, a rare Mexican strain.[13]

13. California marijuana: William Carlson, "Marijuana Crops Revived California Town," New York Times, 1l March 1979. See also John Dowdy, "Spice Valley, U.S.A.: Marijuana Moonshiners," Atlantic Monthly, January 1979, pp.6-24. (back)
from High Culture: Marijuana in the Lives of Americans by William Novak, Chapter 11. Varieties of Marijuana
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