Bio bizz in sunshine mix 4

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Hey everyone. Couple questions and things going on over here.. We run bio bizz full bottle line in sunshine mix #4 in 7-10 gallon fabric pots. We have led lights and drain to waste tables. We go by the bio bizz feed chart for inert media growing. We feed bio bizz every watering for the most part. We water in until full saturation but not much run off as they advertise.. Plants once established tend to want fertigation every day to every other day. They get big (tall) by the end of a run. We run 80 plants at a time and our grow room is dialed at roughly 80f and 55ish humidity. 800 umols-1200 umols on the lights at canopy and we ramp up to 1200ppm of co2. Feed is 6.2-6.5ph going in and run off as well. Sunshine media ph is same give or take.

questions are, is anyone else here growing similar? Bio bizz and sunshine? We tend to see what appears to be either a lock out or under/over fertilization at around week 4. Assume over fed maybe vs under. Brown spotting, lighter green colored leaves at the top of plants but darker green middle to bottom and sometimes yellow tips and bluish/purple leaves. We use filtered water and organics alive calcium and organics alive micro 7. 1-2ml each per gallon. Added some pics.
Bio bizz in sunshine mix 4
Bio bizz in sunshine mix 4 2
Bio bizz in sunshine mix 4 3
Bio bizz in sunshine mix 4 4
Bio bizz in sunshine mix 4 5
Bio bizz in sunshine mix 4 6
Bio bizz in sunshine mix 4 7


The purple leaves are from either it being to cold witch it doesn’t sound like or genetics

Some strains will go purple, dealers will even drop the temps to force them to go purple near the end for bag appeal.
That part just enjoy the color show.

is sunshine organic as it seems every thing else is
You don’t need to ph a organic grow, it’s a waste of time and money.

I will say bio bizz full line plus extra is probably to much bio bizz Isn’t the easiest of lines to use.

one plant looks like it needs mg , brown spots indicate caili deficiency however i can’t see one. All that said the pics I can’t see to well and I’m not comfy diagnosing it all as there’s a lot more going on

I do think you’ve overfed and also have a mg deficiency on one still am not sure enough to say thats your problem 100%

Am sure a better eye will pop in
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