Bio vs. RDWC vs. Under Current

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I am looking to do a hydro grow pretty and was looking for some info on these systems. Pros and Cons of each system would be awesome.

I was thinking of either building a RDWC but then after seeing another grow using the UC system I am almost just wanting to spend the extra cash on it.

Thanks in advance fellas

Jalisco Kid

Bio buckets are slow,never saw a uc grow start to finish.Dwc is nice the better of the three(cost) I would look into krusty buckets if you have grown before. JK


I have seen a couple UC grows at another site that were pretty impressive. I was just thinking of going with the UC so that I could purchase it and be done with it. I am not against building a RDWC but the 6XL from UC looks pretty nice and after a couple of grows it will of paid for itself (I hope). The biggest disadvantage of the UC versus the RDWC that I can see now is the low number of guys that have a dialed in UC system. I have done tons of looking and found 2 guys that have a full run on them. On the other hand tons of guys can help a noob like me with issues that might arise while using a RDWC.

Are there any good RDWC systems that are out there for sale? I know that I can build one (I might just do that) but for the first couple of grows I want to worry about growing and not worring about my enginerring skills lol.

Thanks again guys.

ps. Thank you Jalisco Kid for chiming in I have learned a lot from your other posts around here.
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