Bit of this and bit of that

I've been a regular poster on another site for a couple of years now, but it's recently been taken down by a hacker, so I'm assuming all my pics of my grows that I've stored there are probably gone forever :(
So it's now time to pull my finger out and get another diary going and this seems like the place to be.
If you see me making a school boy error, please feel free to pipe up.
I've been growing for about 2 years now and I've finally managed to sort a mother room out so I'm beginning the long process of filling it with lovelies.
Just put in flower, I've got a white rhino, 2 white russians, and 3 orange bud.
They've only just been put in flower so it'll be a few weeks before I've any sexy shots to show.
I've got cuttings of everything so hopefully I've got a keeper or 2 in there.

Apologies for the camera skills :laugh:

A few pics of the flower room.
Still a way to go but they're all kicking into life now so I might have something a bit sexier next update. :p