BKs Bean Popping & Chucking Adventure

Howdy -

Welp, we are going to crack a few seeds.

Chuck some pollen.

and pop those beans.

Along with giving out seeds to locals who do not have enough money to buy clones or seeds.
I will be extremely clear on what they are getting. Its better than nothing.

Ive been in that spot before, not having enough money for meds. I'm sure it will brighten their day.

Right now we are soaking some lemon skunk poly hybrid seeds. I'm thinking about dusting its pollen on Cinderella 99
At least get some good genetics in there + randomness.
Yah this is really just a side project to keep me busy while mk flowers.

The only reason I have seeds was I promised a friend a clone. Struggled with cloning... so bought and gave them some seeds. Have two more left if this isn't a male.

This way I have seeds, incase things happen. Along with helping locals who don't have the money to drop $50+ on a few seeds.

The say charity helps depression, let's see.
I guess just to be extra clear and give credit where its due.

Its firefly (lemon skunk X Arise ) from Irie & Cindy.

The cutting of cindy was labeled XX on the pot. Its just a commercially ran cut of Cinderella XX. (aka feminized cindy)
It has that lovely rotten meat smell to it.
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That's cool you paying it forward like that, big ups for that.

You have 2 strains on my wish list, MK Ultra and Cindy99 so keep the pics coming. It would be nice to run a bunch of those seeds to see if you could find some outliers that the breeders were not looking for that might well be straight fire. I wonder sometimes if Adam or Soul, or any breeder for that matter, wish they could go back and work some other parts to those lines that they discarded and may be found as a recessive now in a large population of seeds and be able to be worked. Finding the male would be a pain I would imagine and might make it a wasted effort.
this of course isnt 100% accurate. but will give me a better idea what it could come out with. I did kind of plan out picking two with lots of skunk their history.
This is really cool man, especially talking about helping others with seeds, I am a totally broke patient too so it means a lot to have people like you in the world. Top props from me. I'll definitely be watching this thread, keep up the good work. Also good looking plants!!
Firefly seedling is taking its time. I wonder if its the mid 60 temps. (has not gotten into the 50s in there) are causing it.

If its a male, and slow growing. Apparently that is a good trait to have. Less dominant genes apparently? Not sure if i believe that, but ive heard many breeders say similar things.

From the post i saw. Firefly is veryyyyyyyy sativa. Cindy is too.
If we can just pass on the aroma and terps to cindy. That would be ideal. Short, fast flowering, lemon skunky sativa.

Mk is a day or two out from flipping. Roots already poking out (few days ago tbh)
Left to right. Firefly, MK ultra, Cindy.

Firefly: Going abit slow but working on its 2nd set of true leaves.

MK ultra: Cutting from a few weeks ago. Appears to be finally growing new growth.
Been slow. Really thinking its those mid 60 temps. Not much i can do about it.
No roots poking out, im guessing they just started. Due to those temps.
I plan on getting a heat mat for the next round of cuttings.

Cindy is taking off. She had some stem damage that's finally healing up.
Fimmed her a few days ago. Starting to grow again.
Maybe another 4-7 days and i can top the new node growth.
And let her bush out. Do her thing.

I might hold off till the 26th for flowering, just because i had to super crop some stuff.
But boy is she ready to go. Super excited. So close.
Oh i got some new coco to test as well. So that will be interesting.

Should be like a 6-10mm coco. For min max size.
Using like 2-5mm currently. Super small.

I feel the larger coco coir will work better with cannabis.
Mostly due to less peat, more drainage.
Shall see.