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hi:) thank you all for your help. i have created some strains.. and now have refined some of them to the F1 stage. Will have seeds for market soon.. would love to offer here.. need to look into all. hope is right post.
also note.. was told i grew cannabis plants at 6yrs old.. i do not remember?:) i am a Blackfoot shamanic practitioner... these seeds have good healing energy. topped lots and still at 15' . had to let them be them for seed projects.. beautiful . years of effort here people. some pics.. i have selected and bred for the traits i wanted...locked them down.
i have projects all at different stages.. is my first time sharing..and has to be here..
ok.. in house i have ..males..seeds hybrids F1's Pollen..S4 etc.. am using now Nyc Diesel, Super hero haze, Green Crack, SkunkF1, MUJ, Wht Shrk some others
>? some stuff i have not named so.. i am making them up as i go.. may change
also..crossed forward or back again with my SSH4 was from Dynasty seeds..and SSH4 was all about the male plant.. i had that same pheno AA male..was a sign>?

Citrus Shark F1
BFG's White Shark x SSH4 x bfg's Lemon Shark) x White Shark x SkunkF1(bfg's Land Shark)
coming is Land Shark by Lemon Shark and.. also crossed with Shaman Flower

Shamanic Meds F1
Nyc diesel x SSH4 locked down.. is lovely lemon meringue, key lime, grapefruit

Spirit Skunk
MUJ x bfg's SkunkF1 backcrossed
this will be awesome.. the leaves had i think 11 fingers? huge fast grower

Green EnergyF1 or Celestine PotencyF1
Green Crack x SSH4
and crossed with bfg's Shamanic Meds
ok.. lots coming up..
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Good to see ya working with the GC and NYCD! I am a bit confused by your post though, you say you've worked them to F1 and they've been in the works for years? Do you have pics of the parental lines as they were being selected and paired? What is the S4 you mentioned? As in 4th generation selfed? What is "Shaman flower"? Wishin' you luck in your seed endeavors man. +vibes


lost me...
the Shaman flower is really Morning Glory
if you mean...did i name something that..?
maybe,, but Morning Glory is the Shaman flower in truth
i eat only 7 or 13 seeds of it at a time. i grind in my mortar and pestle and make a tea:) wheee

let me see if i
the S4 is Dynasty Seed SSH4 Super Hero Haze is S3FxS2M of mr. nice guys SSH if i remember what the professor said ..that is his remake
the SkunkF1 i used was CC and is from 80's genetics.. not great so i have remade that also..
and.. now i use further hybrided pollen.. like white shark by skunk.. things i have not named... paths not taken. etc
you can look through my posts for authentication
actually..this post was started well over a year ago... just me, not BFG
i am reviving it now that i am done
goes back ...3yrs parents..last clone.. i could say 5yrs...on 2nd year of collecting pollen. goes on as i collect..
i have the males growing of my genetics... i have to
clone machines always going..
and yes.. pics of everything. yes.. plants were stressed to find hermaphrodites
i pop 100's of each.. use hardy weinberg model of genetic equilibrium
read greg greens Cannabis Genetics Bible..still best book out IMO
but.. i am done.. :)
when i have more time...stay tuned for more


if you know spirit?
i will say like this. i have been blessed to work with the spirit of the cannabis plant.. these projects... as all of ours.. is really my higher self's wish.. so.. this is spirit work.. and i co-created with spirit these strains..
so... i really cannot take the credit


hi:) ok.. here are the males. these are my hybrid SSH4xNYC Diesel
2015.7.11 (4).JPG

then this years grow with pollen; some are then new hybrids...the F1's and... even some backcross with SSH4 pollen from last year

that is for another thread i think..
then there are the original girls
NYC Diesel

Green Crack


sorry.. these are SSh4 and Skunk Males... long time ago. ... the early years
little rougher then.. was raw.. like. me against the non-organic..corporate chems can remember someone saying use azamax... etc.. NO.. i had puppies.. and patients.. and me.. Stil TLO and proud... and .. i kept,,on,, i pollinated,, they gave me pollen with the male flowers.. was junk.. big waste of my life... so,.. i made my own.. and i read everything.. was on here....
and... learned hands on.. so.. real pollen.. 100% success rate.. take pollen walk out to plants ..brush on..
sprout my genetics with amethyst crystals.. blow sage smoke on them..
they are something very special..
:) is.. just i will refine this one in house..
now.. make more? sure..
but most of what i buy? is junk
no names.. is not that.. is just rush rush $$
i blew $300 on beans for projects.. lots of pre mature.. and.. empty tan hollow ..short me seeds
wasted hundreds on big time growers.. or...maybe is the person picking my seeds and bagging

i am joking some:)

anyways.. Dynasty seeds all work.. so... was a great place to start
thanks professorP
World of Seeds



keep getting back after the buzzer to edit: is the BFG MUJxSkunkF1 hybrid..Male
i chose this one.. fast.. strong like oak.. 10 fingers on leaves:)
6.2015 (8).JPG
2015.7.11 (14).JPG

and another round SSH4xNYC Diesel at Hybrid.. or is A Shamanic Meds F1
6.2015 (3).JPG

and the ladies select ones seeded
will get better ones.. but. this wraps this thread up...for posterity?
:) ok thanks everyone.. is very fun place to learn and grow..
mmj9.19.15 (46).JPG


mmj8.25.15 (14).JPG


Your SSH from Dynasty is probably some special stuff. I meant to grab that and I did not get around to it.

I believe Prof P, stated he will not be releasing these again.

Your strains look great! I wish you grande luck in your endeavors with great success!


:smoking:thanks beezleb878
I believe Prof P, stated he will not be releasing these again.
that is outfkn standing that plant..was my sign. i knew it

How we all doing? we go. i got treats for people here
Tea time @ Blackfoot Genetics


it all worked out
Medicine Man Land Shark

the LS Hybrid Females #4 clones

a #6 Shaman Meds or Medicine man ?

the original males, clones with pollen


and, next project..

MUJxSKN1 , and SKN1xGreen Cush/Crack seen here

look man.. 10+fingers

then is.. my large surprise

ok.. thanks people
we all grow when we grow together


forgot stuff...

August 15th is what i figure is an accurate mean for OD flower time of both.
Sunrise: 5:38am
Sunset: 7:46pm
Day length: 14h 8m

in my notes: LandSharkh cut down bulk(smoke) 10/13/15
cut all #6, 10/22
seeds were 11/5 due to weather, but... 2wks of freeze.. they are harty:)
remember.. 12' on the LS, the SM 12' - 14' TOPPED...see pics not anticipated,
not stretchy, just growth. so, am going 8wks and flower 62... be about 125days
pure TLO

Grown with energy, and healing intent
both have more trichs than vegetation

Shaman MedsF1 (#6)
Sh4xNycDiesel x Sh4xNycDiesel
Haze/Sativa Hybrid
Strong tree like strength..very resilient to mold,weather, photo stress... will purple in cold.
indoor will do well 8wks Veg(just after sexing) and 62days flower

flower period:
indoor : 62?(we will see in 122days)
outdoor: 67days
Taste: Nice smooth and sweet.. lemon start into tangy Grapefruit
Effects: Spiritual, uplifting, happiness is a warm bowl, motivating
THC: tba

the Land Shark, is at hybrid, but,
the taste is lemon into white bud = lemon merange
very smooth.. will be enhanced with the citrus shrk mix
into have my collected pollen, and males going of bfg's citrus shark, is the SKNk1xWhtShrk
Land Shark will be Sh4xWhtShrk X SKNK1xWhtShrk
very much like SSH and SSH4
just my haze wht bud mix..
very spiritual,
make you so happy, feel well
do some positive, make changes ..switch to organics etc


) thanks lemons
very cool thing to say. these are all about citrus. think maybe you like lemon type stuff ) i will be looking you up to send some beans.
made these for us people whom like C with the THC
and... this is home so


Thanks Germinator
no probs lemon,
hoping it works well for doing great so far
very 3rd eye high vibration spiritual cannabis
and.. will get my soapbox..
just my opinions is all.. was no mmj prior 2009
power to all who grew before that.. i could not
maybe is time for the shift...
free the plant let it grow to heal.. it has a soul
honor it
i grow for myself, family, patients/friends
the laws are a hindrance to many of us facilitating getting healing medicine to more people
yes.. we are ALL Patient Smokers.. has always been for head first for me
`BFG Plug insert`
now... don't you think you and your clients deserve the most organic spiritual option you can provide them with
took an oz of triched leaves on 10/25
just checked... what is the 1" band of white ?
pure healing energy aura cell rectifiers ... trichomes

is about 22days
was told prior stuff was 1tsp for 2days relief from a clients fibromyalgia. is great to be of help..especially with pain hash works well also
high alcohol resiliency.. wash collection/working large bowls with iso..
dump on table
:) call it iso hash
this is not traditional cannabis
you can see...all strains are this
i grow well...most do on here
does not matter.. is the spirituality
will be tested.. may show up in CBD?
may not be quantifiable .. is very real
4wks, flowering plant... take a in bowl
you will be quite surprised... and stoned
please try :)
i did a trichome challenge
it convinced all present...
will work for you also..
just, do not azamax..drdoom etc
will void all spirituality of any plant
same as feminizing
who am i to tell a cannabababy soul what sex to be
just ask.. will get
i want male... i ask. female i ask
try it before you laugh
ok, to tie together..answer
no.. i do not live on a rez:)
it is an enchanted forest though
Maine is to be legal 2017
2mos ago last email was 41k of 61k sigs
go off of patients rights
right to access organic meds, non pharmaceutical
non traditional healing
we can help people after the Rx drugs fail them
and.. MDs know not what to do
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i hope everyone's New Year is going well.
Nov 1st, pulled the seeded BFG Medicine Plant for the first F1's
the last two weeks of Oct were very cold..down to 27f
:) All is recorded in the genetic history.
it is about a 62 day plant outdoors.. tell you shortly on indoors.
i will be pollinated the #6hF donner next week.. those seeds are for
the people. i needed to test out the years of work..
soon enough
just put some Medicine Plant, and BFG Citrus Shark Hybrid(SH4xWS x Medicine Plant)
looks like 2 phenos thus far on Medicine Plant..:) very satisfied
here.. is 8wks of veg ..and was 11wks ago on plant.
i am closing this out now..some shots of the new gear
BFG Medicine Plant x Sugar Black Rose and crossed with NLB
BFG land Shark x NLB and Sugar Black Rose
just about to harvest.. Green Candy, and Spirit Skunk hybrids
will cross my my Skunk x Green Cush with my SH4xGreen Cush
for the Green Candy
thanks for listening..reading

mmj1.2016 (20).JPG
mmj1.2016 (49).JPG


wow..thanks for your positive response. no.. there are no deficiencies here thanks:)
you did not even name one?
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