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Last night I was fimming a plant, and it started bleeding. Red Blood. wtf? I found a thread on this from last January and no one answered, so I know it happens to other people. (which is a relief) I thought I had some kinda Holy plant or something.
Does anyone know what it is and why?
The only thing I know about the strain is, it is a strong Sativa with a noxious Skunk odor. It is only 6 weeks old in veg. and showing preflowers.


The tops that were fimmed. Right at the spot of the cut. I cut 6 or 7 tops and all of them bled. I touched a drop of it, and it is a bright red liquid. There is a couple more tops that can be done, I will try to get a pic up tomorrow.


Pics or it didn't happen...

My nute solution used to look red when I mixed it...


In marijuana, the sap is usually colourless, although a bright red colour - it looks like blood - is not uncommon in later life. The red colour is due to haematin compounds and anthocyanin pigments that naturally build up in some varieties. The red colour may also indicate a nutrient deficiency, notably of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, or magnesium.


Thanks Smelly. I have noticed a couple fingers on the leaves curling under in the past few days.... which I think is a potassium deficiency. Mabey that is whats going on. Thanks again


so... was it red liquid comeing out of the stem or red ness on the stem. a great amjority of my plants get red stocks just from alot of nice old sinlight:D


I had the same thing happen with a dutch passion BB i grew 4-5 years ago. I was hittin it with sucanat every watering and thought that might have had something to do with it, but ive used sucanat ever since and never had another one do it.

Also when i tasted the red sap it was very sweet, probly from the sucanat. Only good plant from the pack but damn she was a special lady.

I heard someone on another forum sayin tropical sativas do this more often that indicas, but i cant remember the whole conversation...


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I've seen plants bleed sap, not red sap. It is rare, I've only witnessed 2-3 times, and as spinkus said it is very sweet to the taste. I never figured out what is making the plants do this. So, your not crazy.
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