Blue Rhino Smoke Report

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THC Farmer Blue Rhino Smoke Report

Tester Name : Rabbi
Genetics: MC
Strain : Blue Rhino (OD) = Blueberry Indica x White Rhino
Method Smoked : Glass and Paper


I'm posting descent pics of these buds, But just goggle Blue Rhino to see it in Flower - no Kidding looks like a Rhinos Horn between 18" and 24" really impressive and amazing.


Dominant smell of bud :like a blueberries asshole
Associated smells of bud : Blueberry, BLUEberry, BLUEBERRY!


Dominant flavour : Hashy with a hint of artificial Blue dye #6
Associated flavours : Of a high end tobacco/pipe shop

Harsh/smoothness : 8 (1-10, 1 being extremely harsh and 10 being extremely smooth)
- cough factor? : yes/no slight


Profile : Percentage of head to body 0 % head 100% body(e.g. 80% head 20% body)
Potency : 9 (1-10, 1 being extremely weak and 10 being extremely potent)
Duration : 3+ hrs (approx length of buzz, from first hit)
Use : Daytime/Bedtime
Munchies? : yes/no


I have found a new love, Blue Rhino. This is the closet smoke Ive seen to the Dank Blueberry I used to get back in the late 70's early 80's. No Sativa what so ever, this smoke has about a 30-45 minute high then a rapid slide into a 3+ hour stone. Really heavy in all extremities and a very heavy head.

I don't know why farmers aren't all over this one and ones like it. Many patients would chose this done ID over many of the other favorites, and this blows any Purple out of the water.The calyx are fat and leathery, i call em Donkey eared cause thats what they look like. This is one of those buds that is about a 9 on density but still has a spongy/moist, sticky feel even when completely dried. and When Blueberry is discussed Ive never heard any offer up Blue Rhino, I've had all the popular BB out there and not one compares to this. thats Period!

turpentine ()
metallic ()
ammonia () - urine () - vinegar ()
bleach ()
lotions () - plastics () - glues ()

fruity () - berry () - black/blue/raspberry (x) - citrus () - orange () - lemon () - lime () - apple () - mango () - grape () - cherry () - tutti frutti ()

floral () - perfume () - blossom ()
minty () - methol () - spearmint () - peppermint ()

woody () - incense () - hardwood () - sage () - juniper () - cedar () - pine ()
basil () - garlic () - dill () - clove () - parsley () - pepper ()
tobacco () - chocolate ()

earthy (x) - loam () - dirt () - musty (x) - dusty () - dry ()
animal () - bird () - rodent () - gamey () - skunky (x)
botanical () - hay () - autumn leaves () - trees ()


Well-Known Farmer
You ot ta try trimming this stuff! Coats your sissors with oilly wax so bad the trim won`t fall off and has to be pulled off each cut.Then just try to get the trim off your fingers! It`s a hassel but worth it! And yes the main stem looks just like a blue velvet covered Rhino`s horn! Thinking of making seeds of this one!

Thanks for the smoke report Rabbi! Glade you enjoyed it.


I have been reading a lot of good stuff about blue rhino.

I have an order placed here in Europe with politronics so I will keep you posted.This will be my first ever grow !

They say...

THC: 16% CBD: 1.9%

AROMA: The Rhino varieties are very different from the Blue, produced as a result of the merger of the aromas characteristic of the Indic purer definitely a scent that integrates the most delicious berries, like blueberries and currants. An unusual plant.

TASTE: The merger of the two varieties produces a unique flavor that includes woods, spices and berries, without a doubt one of the new flavors that will surprise you.

EFFECT: Tremendously medicinal, relaxing and soothing for its high content in CBD. Suitable for recreational use free time used in chill-out environments.

How does this info compare with your experience Rabbi and MarksCastle?
Just grew 2 of these and the 100%indica pakastani of a few yrs ago...huge stem and untopped is only 3 colas sticky @6 weeks
Cloned 6 outta the moms first ..these are keepers ..and i also started some kos red sky ..thx rev em in 2 days...