Blueberry and Afghan Kush regev 1st outdoor grow

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A little late to the party on this one, but a short back story up to this point.

7 Blueberry clones. 6 put in the ground a week ago, and 1 put out late yesterday. Also 2 Afghan Kush clones taken between week 1 and 2 of flower. All clones were taken within a week or 2 of each other, vegged in the same Great Lakes Water Only Soil in solo cups, under the same light. All transplanted directly in ground. 6 of the Blueberry holes were filled using 3cf of the Great Lakes soil. The 2 Afghan's and the 7th Blueberry were planted straight into my native soil to see how it does.

I just topped 3 of the Blueberry's, and I chose the front row plants as to not block any precious sun from the back row. The other 4 Blueberry's and the 2 Afghan's will likely be a mix of growing naturally, and lst.

Theses plants do not get the best light, but it was the best spot I had. They get a good 4-6 hours of direct light with passing shade, and another 2-4 hours of indirect light. They'll be watered from a rain barrel when it's dry.

Going for a minimalist grow here. Not using any nutes unless a problem arises that calls for it. Just the Water Only soil. I do however have EWC, a setup to make tea, and an unending supply of rabbit poop if needed.

As a fairly new grower still, and my 1st outdoor grow, this will be as much of a call for help and advice, as it will be a diary. Also, my work schedule can tend to get a bit crazy, but I will update as much as possible, and post pics along the way to chronicle the grow for those who wish to follow.

Pics will come soon.
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As promised here are some pics. The 1st 3 are of the plants that were topped.

Next 3 pics are the untopped plants

And lastly the final Blueberry, and 2 Afghan Kush reveg's, all 3 in native soil.


Forgot to add that I also mixed in about 3/4 cup of EWC into the top 2-3" of soil around each plant. I was planning to top dress with rabbit poop. My father raises bunnies, and always has a 30 gallon trash can full of the stuff. I'd have to find a way to separate it from the hay and alfalfa pellets though. However, I can get 50lb bags for $10 near my work, which would be worth it just for the convenience.

Any thoughts from those that have used rabbit shit in their grows? When to use, how much to use, if and when to redress?


Not much to update right now. I did go ahead and top the 3 other plants from the 2nd group of pics in the top post. The other Blueberry and 2 Afghan reveg's will be grown naturally, or possibly with some lst, depending on how they grow.

The weather is cloudy and rainy for the next 3-4 days, but it gives me a chance to throw some bleach in my rain barrel and get it cleaned up a bit. I know the plants don't mind stinky water, but I sure do. :)

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Ran 100ft of soaker hose today. Should hopefully work well to keep the soil moist when we go through a dry patch. Now I just need to put my spare pump in my rain barrel. Going to plumb in a new fitting for the soaker hose, and use the current fitting for when I want to gravity feed with a hand wand.


Got my barrel cleaned the best I could, and my pump setup. Just waiting on the coming rain to refill it now. Put up some white tarp today as well.
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