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happy b

This ones for all the fans of anything Bodhi.from goji to aruba to testers.if your running anything Bodhi atall let us know.even if its a strain from another breeder thats got a Bodhi strain in its lineage,all are welcome.
so to start off i got 1pack of sunshine daydream and 1pack of goji og with 5 synergy as a freebie.i had heard nothing but great things on Bodhi seeds,and wen i say nothing i mean NOTHING!i trawled every grow diary and post pertaining to Bodhi seeds before i bought them and i never seen ONE bad word said about him or his genetics apart from dudes who were gutted because they couldnt get theyr hands on one Bodhi strain or another,which doesnt count as a word against his genetics.its the opposite infact.
anyway i got my,i dont have a lot of grow space and iv always got plants running so i didnt soak the whole packs.i got an extra bean in both my ssdd & goji packs giving me 12of i soaked 7of each and the 5synergy.5goji & 5ssdd sprouted i put them in organic seedling soil for the first 2weeks then put into a mix of canna pro+ and house and garden batmix.they wer under375w of blue cfl,s all through veg and there wer no problems atall.after around7weeks they showed sex.from 5sunny d i got 1female.from 4synergy i got 3fems,and from5 goji og...all males!?ouch.i had been so looking forward to them so i popped the last5goji and they all popped no probs.i put them into rockwool and made 5 small swc "shallow water culture".(i just made that 16oz solo cups with a small airstone in each i was only putting them into the swc for a few weeks to give them a better shot at caching up to the sunny d & synergy which were looking good.after about4weeks in the swc the goji had caught up with the other two strains not bad,although they wer still a good bit smaller,so i carefully and gently pulled the roots back through the net pot with minimum amount of damage to the they were put into the same mix as the other strains and they liked it well enough.i left the sunny d and 3synergy in veg for a good bit longer so i could get them bigger and train the branches a bit more.i was expecting a few more females than i got so i have to veg them a bit longer to make up for the m/f ratio.that more or less brings me to now.iv just taken cuts from the sunny d and synergy,s and im just waiting for the goji,s to show theyr sex then i will take cuts of any females(please ganja god,just one good goji fem will do!)train & veg them a bit longer then put them into just waiting for space in my flower room to put the sunny d & synergy into these plants are some of the most vigorous,strong growing plants iv had and iv had of the synergy phenos going to make some f2seeds with the best goji and sunny d males.i,ll have plenty off goji males to choose so looking forward to flowering these out,i just hope i have good phenos.i will post some pics soon.if anyone has any pics or experience with Bodhi seeds post up your pics and tell us about your experiences or if you want any info about bodhi seeds or have any info about bodhi seeds,feel free to post whatever you want aslong as its linked to Bodhi seeds.i hope this thread will be as popular as the strains and i hope it becomes a good source of info.there are Bodhi threads on other forums but the cats at thc farmer are my weed family and i would rather talk with the great poeple who frequent the farm.cheers.

happy b

Hey guys i was a bit anxious the last 5 were going to be males but i was at my grow room today and 2 of the 5 are females
wooohoo!so iv got 1sunny d 2goji and 3 synergy.the synergy & sunny d are normal looking(though really vigorous) mainly indica varieties,but the goji is a bit different while in veg.mine have been really stretching kind of like theyr in flower.but theyr not.they are under cfl,s but none of the other varieties streched like that under the cfl,s.theyr stems are really floppy.the strechiest floppiest strain iv grown but iv not really ran many og,s.just og crosses,but none were anything like these,even in flower.iv had to stake them up already.the fact that the fan in my veg room is pish and needs replaced probably never helped me in the floppy stem department.(that didnt sound right in my stems are really hollow on the goji,not that it matters much.they dont branch much and probably would have grown even less branches if i hadnt topped em going to cropp and train them and veg them a bit more after iv taken cuttings before putting them into of the male goji,s is a lot shorter and stockier than the others.its shoots are the same size as the bigger ones and it has the same amount of internodes,its just shorter and has a bit of a better branching pattern.i actually was convinced it was going to be a female because of its structure.i was a bit dissappointed it wasnt as it would have neen perfect for my fairly low head going to use that one along with another goji male to make some crosses and goji f2 and see which offspring are the best.heres a pic of the two fem goji.theyr very similar in now whith these two fems my bodhi stable is complete (for the mean time) and its on!
Come on everyone who has grown anything from bodhi,post your experiences here for future reference.

happy b

Goji OG
Really nice berry flavor on this pheno
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Very nice goji wayne.hopefully i will hav another strain you run in my collection(or atleast on its way)by the end of the week.if logics got any gsc s1 on thursday im hoping to get a pack.cant bloody wait.i fucking love this forum.everyones so sound and helpful and all the great strains available with access to the breeders.i love mrs hates im always on here so often.haha.fuck,s happy enough to smoke it know what i mean fellas?she cant smoke the stuff then moan at me for doing the things i have to do to get it going properly.i thought about getting jabbas stash but the sunny d had just been restocked and goji amd sunny d were the ones i wanted so....

happy b

Nice looking Girls, I love DJ Shorts seeds, mostly because I agree with his Ideas and techniques, every time I have I have heard him talk he makes sense and he seems genuine.
The sunshine daydream is a bubbashine cross(dj shorts blue moonshine(rare stretch indica pheno)x bubba kush).the bubba bodhi uses is neither katsu nor pre98.he calls it original bubba or pre 92 bubba.he said its a bit more stocky and aromatic than pre98 and less stretchy and more kushy than the katsu cut.and as to the high m/f ratio of the goji,i prayed to the ganja gods and says id be happy with one female and i got two so i cant complain.i wouldv liked more to choose from but im going to f2 and cross all these bodhi varieties to open up the gene pool to see what i can find in future.i will take some pics of my males and maybe you guys can give me some advice on which ones i should use to f2 & cross with.
Would you happen to know what the AE stands for in Bodhis Cali Yo (AE77 Cali O x Yo Momma)?

Where would the burnt rubber smell be coming from in that SSDD, That would be a Hashplant,yes?
Is the Applachia a Hash Plant by chance?
Got 3 of these going and each one smells Totally different. Smells from burnt rubber to grape and can't describe the last one yet.


Thinks of Stinks
I have one pack of seeds from Bodhi and I can't wait to pop them. :) There are definitely a few other packs that he makes I'd like to get.

Love Dawg (Love Triangle × Appalachia)
This glistening jeweled queen weaves together the OG kush and Chemdawg lines using the elite green threads of Blockhead, Afgooey, and Green crack. The complete genetic breakdown is TK x Afgooey x Block head x Green crack x Tres dawg. Expect huge yields. Some phenos create smokey silver tinged foxtails "dawg tails". Creamy chemmy soaring fruity spirit sorbet for the senses. Heavy wands of crystallised nuggles to turn on the muggles. Botanical blazing mind hyperdrive.

Yeah, those are going to be awesome... Gunna nuggle my muggle.