Bolton police curry leaf plant raid mistake

SHOCKED shopkeeper Amrat Kanji could not believe his eyes when police burst into his Bolton store and started to search for a cannabis farm.
Drugs officers raided the Costcutter mini-market in Church Street, Little Lever, at 7.30am on Friday, following a tip-off from a member of the public.
But all they found was a curry leaf plant and some rather disgruntled customers.
Mr Kanji, aged 30, said his shop was open when four police officers came in, ordered his customers to leave and told him to close.
"They had a warrant to search my premises over growing cannabis," he said. "I told them I had nothing to hide and that I wanted to stay open, but they wouldn't let me.
"One of my customers was really unhappy about it because he said they were rude to him. The only plant we have got is a curry leaf plant and they went straight upstairs to the attic where it was."

Mr Kanhi added: "They told me they had photographic evidence.
"Someone must have taken a picture of it and given it to them because it's next to the back attic window. They must have though it was a cannabis tree."
Mr Kanji said when the police realised their error, they did not apologise. They just thanked him for his co-operation and left.
However, he saw the funny side and is not thinking about claiming compensation.
"I just started laughing but I don't know where they got their information," said Mr Kanji, who reopened his shop about an hour later.
A police spokesman said: "I can confirm a warrant was carried out and that no cannabis was found."
Last month, police mistakenly swooped on the home of a dinner lady, smashing their way into her house through her living room window.
Officers from the Tactical Aid Unit were supposed to target a house in Brownlow Fold, Bolton, but mistakenly raided the home of the woman in her 60s who lived nearby.
It was part of a major operation to smash a class A drugs ring. They apologised and repaired the damage.
11:00am Monday 12th May 2008