Botanicare Pbp Vs Kind

Hello guys,
Im recently switching from DWC to try out rockwool.
I plan on running 6" grodan blocks using Floraflex to top feed.

My question is has anyone tried out these 2 lines? The Pure Blend Pro vs the KIND by Botanicare?

Has anyone tried the difference from DTW vs Recirculating?
I have used both but only in potting soil and pro mix.

For hydro I would recommend the kind trio as it can be customized for calcium nitrate content. The base is cal-nit and the rest of the nutrients are in the grow and bloom bottles.

And there is kelp added to have some organic input. Personally I had similar results using only base grow or base bloom through flower.

Pure blend pro is mostly natural organic elements although processed for faster uptake. Most hydro growers I have seen moved on from it. I’m sure it is because of the preference for immediate uptake and availability of nutes.

I use pure blend pro grow only in soil after the nutrients run out in 12/12 in the final pot.

Works great and gives great flavor.


Ocean Forest soil, added large perlite and Pure Blend Pro Grow only.