Botryis Beating Strains.??

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Well my winter crop took longer than expected but here comes summer and an outdoor grow is of course on the schedule.
I don't know what the weather conditions were like in your neck of the woods last season but we were damp for months and the botrytis loved it. In my circle of friends we all took a severe beating.
I've come up with a few strains that claim to be resistant but I'm curious if anyone has tried them. Holland's Hope. Blue Widow, and even White Widow claim to be resistant. It is claimed the Freisian Dew is "almost completely resistant to mold" which is a huge claim.
Is there anyone who has used a resistant strain that truly was? I'm running out of time although I would rather plant when the soil is warm instead of relying on a calendar. I'm hoping somebody has had success with a particular strain in a bad season of rot and if so what strain was it. I cant take the losses I had last season so I gotta try something different.


Im in the same boat every year as well. Blue City Diesel is the most mold resistant strain I have ever seen. Literally out of a couple hundred strains on an outdoor plot, only one that didn't show one bit of botrytis. Jordan of the islands bred and I believe he still makes beans of it. Other than that I have to get an early strain like Oregon Diesel or Blackberry Kush. Best of luck.
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