Breeding For Disease Resistance.

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We now have thousands of varieties to choose from and THC levels at 25-30% but somewhere along the line we've bred out the disease resistance in exchange for appearance, yield and T %. When I started buying seeds it was straight up Skunk and NL Not Skunk number 1,2,3,4 or whatever but just plain Skunk. I wish I had been able to maintain those strains but lost them after 15 or 20 YEARS. I know for a fact we haven't improved the yields but the plants today are like mold and mildew magnets. Maybe we've increased the THC% since 1980 but I'm not certain of that. The original Skunk and NL were no slouches. Take back your disease-prone hybrids and give me the tough plants I remember. This is a pic of Skunk #1. I call bullcrap. It's not the same beast.
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