broad mites,hplvd or something else?

hey guys been battling what i think is a broad mite infestation. some crops are decent but some crops have been cut in half! some plants seem to be effected bad by showinh symptoms of hops laten viroid(weird growth small leave barely any uptake of water) my leaves are doing think crinkly and twisting thing and show signs of what looks to be cal mg deficiency. edges of leave start to burn what looks to also be light burn. (i have since raised my light to 3.5-4ft above canopy since i am a using a de bulb but it is sitting in a wider agro style hood. i have been scoping for months with a 100x i phone scope but have NEVER seen one broadmite. i see what seems to be eggs but cannot tell. they look just like broken off trichomes. can anyone help me out and give me sum input please! im gunna include sum pictures for you guys. thank you!


Doesn't look like mites to me. With mites, you will usually see tiny reddish dots on some of the larger and older leaves. These will eventually turn necrotic and kill off the leaf if left untreated. Telltale signs included webbing in spots, usually. There are a bunch of different critters, but overall, your plants don't look too bad. The mg deficiency that you suspect could cause leaf issues too. Have they been getting fed well?
thanks for your reply jimster unfortunately these are broad mites....they do not create webs.rather they suck the juice out of the leaves and inject poison into it which stunts the plants. the adults are tiny, you at 60x scope to see.
I ask cause you most likely have broad mites. And if that’s the case, you are looking at high tendencies for them to dud. While I can’t say they are duds yet. What’s bugging me is how pale the stems are. Take a branch and bend it about 1/2 way. I’m almost certain they will just snap by the color is my gut feeling