Broadmites 3 weeks into flower...keep or toss?

Well I just learned about this new pest that has raped my garden. I'm 3 weeks into flower so I can't spray anything lethal like forbid or avid. I honestly think everyone is getting hit with these and it sucks! Some of my plants have black pistils on the little buds. Some don't. But do have leaf damage. I was gonna order ogbiowar foliar to spray them down with but don't know if they will make a come back. Or if there even worth keeping do to them being stunted. Shit really sucks big time. These fuckers are plaguing gardens. I heard they are the hardest to kill on top of it. Not to mention not being able to see the bastards. So what do you guys think order the OG treat and keep or toss and cry and start over.
If you are able to heat up your room to 115+ for 1-3hrs you will be able to tremendously help the problem. they are totally little shits to deal with but i have found this method to work exceptionally well when in a situation like yours and attempting to kill them and save my crop.
Damn that's really hot. I know soaking the whole plant in 107-115 degree water kills them instantly so I can see how this could help. Will this solve the problem or will they come back?
This did not kill most of my plants, lost like 2 out of 40+ and I kept the heat on for three hours 4 different times, 3 days apart from each heat treatment. I got them around Jan/Feb of last year and no They did not come back and I was even the only guy in my area that did not get infected with them over the summer, many many crops were crushed because of that plague like insect! Make sure to test the temp of the room where your plants sit as that is where the heat is needed. Best of luck to you.

OH and about the water, not even vegging plants will respond well with such high temp water submersion, on the other hand they will do fine in hot air temp.
A friend of mine has the OG biowar he uses it all the time...I have used it before it works great not for this type of borg but I'm gonna use it and try it on this but it takes 72 hours to brew a nice tea. What about mighty wash everyone uses that on spider mites and kills them very fast I wonder if it will work on these... Or the sns217 I have watched the sns do work on spider mites under a scope. All in all this shit sucks ass.
I'm gonna try nuke em nothing but great reviews with that on broadmites. They even have a "attention if you have broadmites" on the website. Explains how to use and stuff to combat them. It also kills aphids spidermites white fly root aphids powder mildew and some other stuff. I guess some guy sprayed a fly and it died under a minute. I'm gonna call around see if any of my shops have any in stock. If this don't work in the trash can they go. :(
I know your not going to want to hear this, but. Cut them down and trash them all. Clean the room and start over. Trust me when I say this. Your wasting your time and money trying to fight these little devils. I had them roughly for two years and didn't know it. I got them once I came off a 4 year break of not growing. First return crops where ok, than everything else went down hill. I fought these little devils with everything.

You are wasting your time. Clean the room and start fresh. If you try to take them to the end. Your yield will be very low. The only strains that might yield something are high resin strains. For some reason, broadmites don't like them as much. I took tissue samples to Humboldt State and they confirmed for me the issue. Clean the room, wash everything down and fog the room with flea and tick foggers. Start fresh with fresh clones and make sure you have a microscope that has 100x or stronger and keep a close eye on the fresh room. Forbid and Avid is what you want to use.

Trust me, when I saw it's not worth even trying to finish this crop. You are just wasting time and money. Allot of growers up here in North Humboldt had now clue. Till I brought in my labtop and showed them the video of the little devils under the microscope. The problem with broadmites. Is, you can't see them and growers don't think that there is a issue, because they can't see them like regular mites.

Good luck,
I sprayed twice with OGbiowar root and foliar packs brewed up a 48 hour batch. Soaked them down with the atomizer on full blast! Shit works....picked up a jewelry loop. The fungi has crystallized over the little fuckers!!! It's crazy shit. I'm gonna spray the rest of it tomorrow on them. So that would be three treatments. I also soaked the whole room
In forbid at 10mls a gallon sprayed the buckets everything all crooks and crannys I did that twice as well...with the atomizer on full blast!! I'm gonna continue too look everyday with the loop and see if I spot anything. I'm gonna order a kilo of this shit spray everyweek on new crops from now on. The forbid 4f says it kills broadmites they say 2mls a gallon I did 10mls! Haha drenched the room! Ill keep everyone posted! I have hope. Plants look good. Thanks for the replies.