Broke one of my new tops

Hello guys, first time grower here, hope someone can help me on this.
I’ve topped one of my plant at the 3rd node, and she was growing great!
3 days ago i was LSTing it,and I’ve almost broke one of my new tops,
The top is still attached like by an half, but within a couple of hours the leaves started to get droopy,
So I’ve used some electrical tape to stay firm in his place.
After 3 days it seems like it has stopped to grow, while the other is getting huge.
Should i cut it off and leave just the other top (so is like I haven’t topped it and can focus just for one top)?
I’d like to switch to flowering next week, should i just leave it and see if it will start to grow again?
And is it normal they are so bushy?
One pics show where i taped it, the other to show how big is the other top!
Closet grow
Quantum board 260w
Amnesia haze
Thanks in advance!
You did the right thing tying it back up. Electrical tape not the best choice but if that’s all you had...
I would watch it a couple more days. It will either continue to wither or show signs of recovery by that time.
A couple more days chance to recover won’t hurt the overall plant growth. If the branch does recover it will be at least as strong as normal.


Your branch will probably stall for a while, but as long as the drooping leaves doesn't get too bad, I wouldlet it go as it will eventually heal itself. If it keeps drooping and is getting worse, I would remove it from the plant and either plant it into a pot full of dirt, you might be able to re-root it. A cup of water works too. Since you aren't in flowering, the plant should recover pretty quick. Good job with the works!
I did the same thing, I put some aloe in the wound and tied it tight with a thing piece of duct tape, no lie in the end that branches had more flower, don't cut it off unless it is clearly dieing , it may take a bit to recover, but I did it twice and it worked both times, good luck!