For Sale Bruce Banner #3 Male crosses $30 10 seed packs

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Bruce Banner (Male #3 leaning) crosses sale list

Old school, new school, a few things in between, and a couple more completely outside the box!

$30 Donation gets 10 seed pack

The selections I have up for grabs come from some personal projects where I ended up with more than I needed.

Bruce Banner male was very #3 leaning turned burgundy in flower, released giant sacs full of pollen. He was covered in resin, sticky in veg from about 3 weeks old. He was crossed to all the varieties below:

slurricane (dosidos x purple punch)

Grand daddy purple (purple urkel x big bud)

Lemon skunk (skunk#1 x unnamed skunk)

God bud (God x Hawaiian x Purple Skunk)

Hulk smash (bruce banner #3 x strawberry diesel)

Blueberry (purple flo x highland thai x afghani)

Blue monster (blueberry x g13 x northern lights x mexican landrace)

Gelato 41 x dosidos

Tangerine cookies (tangie x thin mint gsc)

Wedding cake - pheno of triangle mints (animal mints x triangle kush)

Future#1 (gg4 x starfighter)

Platinum cookies (og kush x durban poision) x cherry kush))

Overflo (Colorado Flo x Face Off OG bx1)

GG4 (Sour Dubb x Chemdog's Sister x Chocolate Diesel)

Hso Blue dream (blueberry x super silver haze)

Hso the new (sunset sherbet x cookies)

C.O.B. california orange bud (Orange Velvet x Jack The Ripper)

Fruit cup (cherry stardawg x jillybean)

Vanilla kush (Kashmir Hash x Hindu Kush)

Grapefruit (C99 x Thai Sativa)

White castle (white widow x ice)

Bruce Banner 5 x MAC

In bred line packs -
Bruce Banner f2s ibl - male (Bruce Banner #3 leaning) from above crossed to female Bruce Banner from 3rd seed release very strawberry diesel leaning, chosen for her resin production.

Blueberry ibl - from dj short seed stock early 2000s

$30 Donation gets 10 seed pack. $10 for usps flat rate combine shipping for multiple packs. Max 10 packs per 1 order.

Many payment methods accepted. Paypal, cashapp, cash, money order, others. Mention prefered method when emailing order request, thanks!

Some packs listed on seedlys.
Email: [email protected] or [email protected]


Cannabis seeds are less than 3% thc and therefore classified as hemp, thanks to the passage of the farm bill, and as such totally legal. We recommend you follow all local, state, and federal laws regarding cultivation. Luxury novelty hard to find bird seed. Descriptions are for novelty purposes only.
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