This is my first grow op!

Sour Kush x Ghost Train Haze

1 April - germination
20 April - transplant
25 May - flowering

All FF products
FF Happy Frog 🐸 soil
Grow Big for Veg
Tiger Bloom and Big Bloom for Flower

For lighting
1200 watt LED with veg and bloom light.

I have an AC infinity fan installed as well as the typical carbon filter.

Both have been in 3 gallon fabric pots.

I just added the trellis during the “stretch”.

Wilma is done stretching and creating luscious buds.

Bushy Betty is about a week behind.
Hello and welcome! is it the camera angle or flash or is your new growth really that light?
I think a combo, I do have my iPhone flash on, without the bloom light on. Can’t take her out anymore to get my daylight shots with the trellis being installed now. Waiting anxiously for my filter for my DSLR 😁
FF should have plenty of iron. Probably should check ph. Over watering can also cause lockout.
This morning I noticed more of the lighter coloring on the newer growth. Starting to freak out, the ff big bloom has a decent amount of iron. So maybe just water for awhile?

I already have so many “what I will do next time” lol.
How much and how often do you water?
Wellllllll that’s a whole different story.
This is one of those, spur of the moments going to grow pot in the closet 😂

I water every other day, sometimes two days. They are still in 3 gallon pots so sometimes they use the water up quickly. Depending on the heat. Since the heat hasn’t been over 75 the last two weeks they seem to go a day or two just fine. In veg they were sucking water down daily almost.