BUds getting heavy and causing it to tear the branches

I have a small split in the branch where it splits off it has broken and torn about a 1/4" its not hanging or anything but it is starting to tear the branch more and more. I have tied it together but is this going to kill those branches? Can anything else be done? Is there anything I can put on the tear like a sealent or anything to help it repair its self?Thanks . I will post a pic of the tear later to show you what I have done.

Donk Frog

tieing will work.... but it depends how damaged it is, yesterday my whitebubba that I had split in three places (due to heavy bud weight) leaving two main flower branchs had to take off, they were only just aproching 50days...stilll serious dank
duct tape her or make a splint for her, bro. she'll grow back together forming a "knuckle" looking knot that's even stronger than before. happens all the time when i supercrop
Yea, keep the broken part held in place like Pistil said so it doesn't break even more. After that you can use String and/or Long stakes to help hold them up. My Blockhead last grow did the same thing, her buds were absolutely huge and even though my stems were plenty thick they were starting to bend over so i had to tie them up.
Use bamboo stakes next time and every time your branches break some times if you tape them immediately when it happens it should be okay. Also I like to use the stakes a week before i go into flowering that way I dont disturb the the precious root system when it flowers. If you decide to do that use some Vitamin B1 its a stress reliever super thrive seems to work great. Hope this helps cheers
Oh yeah almost forgot if you use some sort of silica it makes the plant tissue much stronger and they are able to hold them selves up much better. Silica Blast works great it also can be slighty alkaline so be careful.
best is a ton of mini stakes a tape. I used just string and tied down too much. Granted it was outdoor. But my plants grew too much, the string restricted and ripped the branches.gr!!
duct tape will work wonders, just wrap the wound with paper towel then tape to avoid the plant absorbing any duct tape chemicals!!
Silica will make the plant stronger but 8f your weighted forget it my girls will snap half inch branches due to carelessness and weight.