Buds not fattening 24 days into flower

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Hey yall,
Looking for a bit of help. It’s day 24 of flower and my buds are not fattening. Buds can barely be seen. Any advice?

I am on 12/12 for 24 days. Feeding bloom a and b, cal mag, and pk boost according to schedule. Humidity and temp are 50% and 80-85ish. Plants are very healthy and I cannot figure out the problem. Growing in coco coir, water till 10% run off. One issue there might be is that I left one of the vents on the tents open for a week and this was in a sunny room. Other than that, everything else seems to be perfect.


Sometimes ladies aren’t ready even when the lights change. I had one take almost a month just to start showing white hairs. They look good for 24 days from the flip. I personally start counting when first true bud sites form. Makes the flower time seem more like what breeders’ flower times sound like.
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