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Hey guys, im currently running a pc grow. i just started it and already am seeing some bugs appearing ,i was able to eradicate them but I'm afraid they will keep popping up.
does anyone else constantly have this problem because previously i ran an attempt just a shot in the dark but bugs prevented that from takin off; I hope someone can give me some tips on how to work on prevention, i honestly have no idea how these little guys keep gettin in there. i have sprayed insecticidal plant oils and bug protector sprays etc on my unit as a means of protection, i have tested them and they do kill the insects however these guys seem to really be able to conquer all odds.
as far as soil goes i am using hydrogen peroxide to burn em out a bit, does anybody know if it is possible to use too much of it and kill Maryjane? also how often would you advise using hydrogen peroxide in the soil.

thanks 1 luv


think you need to start by cleaning out the whole area maybe a little sprinkle of diotomaceous earth.......then a first day,5th day,10th day cycle of neem......not up on using h2o2 in the soiless.?


Cleaning out your whole area might be a good start but how often are you using the soap and what kinda bugs are they... sounds like fungus gnats.. neem is good spray for bug control but you have to spray them directly. Best thing is to get the yellow sticky fly paper traps in combo with spray, if they are fungus gnats. The sticky tape will catch the flying adults and spray will control their offspring.

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