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0 here it goes i just bought some femmanised kush seeds from world of seeds. They have been germinated and are sitting under a 48" florescence at around 79 degrees. The grow room i am setting up is 8' x 7' by 8 1/2 ft tall. I am building a plywood box around the window out of plywood intake hoses meeting at a y splitter on the floor and have already flipped the door around so that it opens out ward to maximize sq. footage. I will be using plastic black out from a garden store to seal out light and do the floor. the walls are already white. As far as equipment i plan to use the following.
2 x 1000w MH/HPS in which ballasts will be out side the room
one 6" in line fan 450 cbn with a 440 carbon filter exhaust to roof
one 16" osculating fan on a stand splitter. My question is will the room be to hot and or should i put an intake fan in. I don't know if this matters much but its winter up here and the temp can get pretty low so i have a baseboard heater set at 75 just in case temp drops.

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