Bumps and Spikes on Neglected Clone Leaves

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I took some random clones from my first plants to see if I could get them to root. I never intended to grow them out, just experimenting. Some are in rockwool cubes that were placed into coco with worm castings and 4-4-4. Some were started in a cup of water then transferred to a coco mix once they rooted. I never kept track of what plants they were from or really how old they are. I just stuck some nice clippings in some different mediums under a cheap 100w blurple light to see what would happen. Then I barely paid any attention to them. No fans, no humidity, barely any water or nutes. Total neglect.

Recently I've acquired a 2nd grow setup and I've decided to try to grow these clones. They're under the new light and are no longer forgotten or neglected! But they're a little rough. On two of the plants I've spotted some interesting growths.

I've googl'd around and can't find anything that looks like this. Does anyone know what this is?
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