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I'm about to start growing, just need to go out and buy the equipment, but I'm pretty lost.

I just want a small soil set up, looking to grow a couple plants at a time, just in the bottom of my wardrobe.
Along with equipment and anything else I might need, could someone recommend a good seed to start with that wont quit on me too easy?

So what will I need to do this successfully?

Any help will be much appreciated. :nod


Those are questions that have a million answers to them. The best thing you can do to ensure that you are happy with your choices, is to do some research. Start here at the farm with the GrowFAQ. Then follow that up with a look through the Strain Guide. Both are very well developed resources that were created to specifically address the very questions you have.

Once you have the basics down, come back in here with any specific questions you may have and there will be plenty of help. Lots of great folks here that have many yrs of experience.
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