Calcium deficiency? Day nine flower 🤗

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Day 9 flower.

Ethos platinum cake and thug pug peanut butter breath.

RO water 💦 coco coir 70/30 perlite
Flora flex nutes
In veg I heard at 1.2
.5 ml silica —-> .3 ec camg —-> remainder in base to 1.2
Roots excel on and off

Worked them up to 1.6 over there last week of veg and there last 9 days of bloom before backing offf a bit ( runoff was .2 higher at one point telling me slow down just slightly)

Also was seeing tip burn slightly in stunted new growth and worse tip burn on older growth ( see photo)

I thought shit maybe calcium is being overdone locking up P. Perhaps I was wrong and they were asking for more calcium the whole time.

Once they hit the flower room I gassed em at 1200 ppm and temps did go up for a few weeks ( just threw the 1 ton window unit in)
Temps were 80-85
Humidity 55-65


Anymore info needed just ask I literally stopped in my tracks to smoke one and do some deep breathing 😬

Maybe I just need to kick upt nutrient strength.
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