Calcium or mystery issue in need of help!

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I've been fighting what looks to me like a calcium deficiency for a few weeks now and was wondering if anyone had any insights.
The info for this grow:
DWC 3 gallon bucket, fed with general hydroponics 3 step series +CalMag.
Was using the recommended 5ml per gallon of CalMag, I have moved up to 10ml per gallon since then and seen no change.
My RH is between 45%-60% so it shouldn't be a transpiration issue.
I keep the pH as close to 6.1 as possible.
The bubbler is more than strong enough to keep the water moving.
My only thought could be a build up of salts or something inside the DWC bucket.
Anyone got any ideas?? She's flowering real nice, would hate for this to be the end of her.
Calcium or mystery issue in need of help
Calcium or mystery issue in need of help 2
Calcium or mystery issue in need of help 3


What are the temperatures?

I don't think I have any good ideas. It does resemble Ca deficiency. Maybe there's more than one problem. Have you tried increasing the Ca?
23 during the day and 19 at night.
Doubled the Ca.
The strain could just not do well with hydroponics


Who recommended 5ml calmag?!?! You might have locked both out which is different from a deficiency but kinda the same.

Everything sounds good other than the calmag, you didn't specify what kind of water you're using so I'm assuming you're using tap water. Between the tap, micro and floral you have just enough cal, plenty of mag.

I'm not going to drop feeding schedules but remake your water minus the calmag and do a rez change.

One last thing, I don't trust PH pens. Theyre always suspect. I hope yours is correct, if not our help is useless.
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