Can anybody give me a link or pic for a LED, VPD chart please

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Ph 007

Ph 007

I’m running that same UVA bar for the first time this grow. I just upped it today to 12hrs. I started it at 2hrs and increased another 2hrs each week. I got to 8hrs and got tired of moving and climbing over plants. So when I watered today and moving plants around I jumped to 12hrs instead of 10. Hopefully plants won’t fry, lol.
Lol I know the feeling trying to get in their climbing over plants

I heared something similar a few hours a day thst why I not used it I can't be bothered going in few times to messabout flicking it on an, off, in have tired 1 side of my tent 2 leds with the red lights on 24-7 lights on and the other side of the tent 2 leds no red light on I couldnt see any difference, I did it for last 2 week's but maybe im using wrong, or it's because it not really Inferred am I spelling it right haha
Ph 007

Ph 007

82+ like 82-85 and the leaf temp he's saying must be if your addadding co2
Iv run thse temps tho and had better yield then I did at 80-82 and humidity was stupid low 35-45ish
but my grow is in a basement so more c02 in basement as c02 goes to lowest ground level


I'm after a vpd chart for led i see so many on Google duno what's best for veg and flower

I'm running led Quard boards
Room air temp 80-82f
humidity was 60-70% I kept it at 65-70% in veg I am

The leaves feel a bit papery and the leaf eadges up sticking up the leaf is not cupping it's just the very sides of the leaves
If been checking leaf temps and they been reading 77 - 80ish max they always hit 80ish thia is at room temps 80-82 Humidity 60-70% and even with 50-70% Humidity same leaf temp
And if also tested room temp 78-80 Humdiyy 60-70% and 50-60% and leaf temps Again read the same weird?

And my last grow i only run led in flower not veg
I run led flower room at air temp 80-82f humidity at 50-60% for flower and didn't get the yield I expected but I did have some sorta over feed going on

I'm wondering am u in wrong humidity range?
Any time I see VPD I'm always out there hocking my wares! Click here for a VPD Calculator. Once you hone in on a VPD you can make adjustments to optimize growing conditions and energy consumption. Happy growing :)

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