Can anyone tell me the success rate for starting Clones in Happyfrog.. 48hrs in. When do I take the Dome off?

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Ok.. very unorthodox. Had to do surgery on my Clementine, she had soil bug problems. Had to remove her immediately. Wasn’t anywhere near prepared for that, or to let her go entirely. I used some happy frog soil I had around. Cut and striped 4 prime branches. Used sterilized equipment, cut at an angle, I even used an old bottle of cloning powder I got from a friend. I Live on a farm so I MacGyver’d a humidity “space”, with a humidifier inside. The constant RH is around 98%. Temp is around 80 at most. but 48hrs later they look better than when they went in..

My questions are
1. will this even work? (Just because they look good now?)

2. Will I experience the normal cycle of clones. (I.e. dropping, followed by yellow leaves, more dropping before taking hold.)

3. When can I turn the humidity down to normal.

4. When should I transplant? (since they’re already in small planters, wait for new growth?)


Transplant to bigger container when roots start coming through the bottom holes of the container they are in now. The clones, I have never experienced any of the symptoms of cloning that you mention here when I have made my own clones,so I can't say.
As for your other questions, I have no idea as I am an outdoor grower only, for now.
Good luck.

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