Can Ec Be To High If It Keeps Dropping?

I tried to search around because I think I may have asked this but can't remember. This is not specific to my current grow but something from my last full grow. I grow in a diy rdwc/undercurrent system.

In late veg I got all the way up 2.4ec and it was dropping pretty fast. I started at 1.2 and made my way up from there rather quickly. Once I got to flower it got all the way back down to 1.2ec and rising but that's not really the point.

My understanding is that you should not have to run your ec near that high especially in rdwc?

So when it comes to your nutrient concentration should I raise the ec till it stops dropping? If I should is there a point that no matter how much it drops you've gone high enough?

Jack og

Staff member
Good question bro!
Now how is the bacterial balance? I’ve found that if I have a slight outbreak it goes high then drops out of no where? So maybe someone else can chime in as well!??