Can I Get Your Input On This Mix?

Hey peeps
I have a question for all you organic guys!
I’m trying to make a new soilless mix for my re-entry to gardening indoors

My base mix is for 20gallons
4x5 gallon pot
1 part Pro mix organic vegetable and herb mix with mycoactive.
1 part coco coir
1 part perlite
1/2 part compost
1/2 part worm casting
??? Dolomite lime(I don’t know how much to add!please recommend) ✌
I plan on using this for my veg cycle.

Now for my problem
I have a bag of “Welcome Harvest Farms”flower power that I would like to add to my final transplant mix before flowering. This is a mixture of
Fish meal
Bone meal
Rock phosphate
Kelp meal
Green sand
Canola seed meal.
Now the direction are 2-3kg per 10sq meter!
So how much do I add for my 20 gallon mix?
I really don’t want to hurt my baby’s
Should I cook these mix’s?
Can I use it for both life cycles?

Thank you for helping out
Thirds of spm, compost and pumice or lava rock
1 cup crustacean meal
1 cup kelp meal
1 cup malted barely powder
1 cup neem meal
5 basalt
6 charged bio char

Per 8 gallons of your mixture of thirds
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