Can i grow in a room like this?

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Dear growers

I am new in this forum since today and hope i can learn a lot from you guys. Looks like a nice forum at all. :-)
I am already growing a few years now cbd and wanted to make my own small tent in my home to smoke. I am thinking to make 2x1000W tent in a small room but i have one issue which i never tried before: The room has ventilation shaft where i can connect the exhaust pipe from the tent but i dont have a window to take fresh air just maybe some fresh air from the door slots. Is this enough? Does someone have experience with this? Maybe they will be like 50 plants or something like that?

Many thanks for your help and wish you a nice day!

Best regards



Small tent with 2000 watts and 50 plants. Lol. Sounds pretty big to me. Lol

You will need a larger ventilation hole or possibly an intake fan. Cool inside air may be fine. It is safer from bugs and mold and other outside stuff you don’t want in.

and a good 8” exhaust in-line fan for heat and stale humid air removal.

It’s always trial and error setting up these tents to get things running right. You need to keep the tent from 75-80 degrees with lights on.
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