Can reclaim be used for anything after cleaning it out with a cotton swab?

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I was thinking like...

It's still usable it just doesn't burn away as well. I try to use up as much as I can but there's always that little bit that gets stuck outside or is inside but doesn't burn up.

So is there any way I can clean it and use the rosin left over?

I'm using a PuffCo Dab Pen by the way.


I put it into my vape like regular flower and the oils vape right off. in a dab rig the temp could get to high and burn the cotton. you could extract it with alcohol and evaporate then dab. but its sooo easy to just throw cottons into a vape like normal flower. this is what I do, works really well and can give a good high. you can also suck on it for sublingual considering reclaim is activated.
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